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Winter is coming to spring, and the spring breeze brings people a full of spring and warm life. Therefore, since ancient times, the poets have a special liking for the spring breeze, and they have been smashing them again and again. In the writings of ancient Chinese poets, the spring breeze is full of spring and colorful. - The spring breeze is warm. "Drinking clothes to wet the apricot rain Cigarettes Online, blowing the face is not cold Yang Liufeng" ("Quatrains"), the Southern Song Dynasty Zhinan monk's verses from the human touch point of blunt spring and ambiguity without chill. "The second day of the rolling shutter pavilion, the style of the boat and the mountain" ("Nanxi Early Spring"), the two poems of the Southern Song poet Yang Wanli also wrote the warmth of the spring breeze - the spring breeze is soft. In the Southern Dynasty, Wang Shuo wrote a spring breeze in his "Spring Poetry" (one of the two songs): "The light wind shakes the flowers", it is just right to write the gentle state of the spring breeze. The two poems in the Southern Song Dynasty poet He Xun's "Huang Chunfeng" are "the powder in front of the mirror, and the sound of the piano is reverberating." The first sentence is inked from a visual point of view, writing a woman's face with a fragrant powder, and the falling powder gives the spring breeze a blow. Then, they will rise and rise; the latter sentence will be written from the perspective of hearing, and the sound of the melody will be transmitted to the distance under the scorn of the spring breeze. Even if there is only residual sound, the rhythm will be heard. In this way, the soft state of the spring breeze is written vividly. - The spring breeze is busy. Fang Yue, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, has a poem entitled "Spring Thoughts": "The spring breeze can be too busy, and the long-sleeved lace will be a layman; and the muddy bees can be used to make honey, only to blow the rain and be sunny." Hualiu walked along the way, creating conditions for the swallows to make mud and bees to make honey, and blowing the spring rain, and immediately clearing. The busyness of the spring breeze can be seen from the dynamic description of this group of expressive people - the spring breeze is universal. "The spring breeze knows not to suffer, and does not send wicker green" ("Lao Laoting") is the poem of Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. It seems that the spring breeze seems to know the bitterness of human separation, and deliberately does not blow the wicker to make it blue. In Li Bai's pen, how springy is the humanity! "Spring breeze blows the dream of the night Marlboro Gold, and then goes to Luocheng by the spring breeze" ("Spring") Online Cigarettes, this is the poem of Wu Yuanheng, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, writing the spring breeze to understand the homesickness of the wanderer, and blowing the dream of the township. Here, the spring breeze has become A passionate person. "Dongfeng knows that I want to go mountain, blow the sound of rain in the middle of the day" (one of the two in the new city road), the two poems of the Song Dynasty poet Su Shi, write the spring breeze as if to know that "I" this trip to the mountains And deliberately blown off the accumulation of rain, turned ruthless for sentimental, wrote a spring breeze. Another famous poet in the Song Dynasty, Wang Anshi��s famous phrase, ��Spring Breeze takes flowers, rewards me with Qingyin�� (��Half Mountain Spring Festival Evening��), writes the spring breeze by writing the words ��take�� and ��reward�� of people��s movements. There are emotions and humanity, and they are all the same as Li Shi, Wu Shi and Wang Shi.
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