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In the journey of life, everyone has their own weaknesses. My biggest weakness is timidity. The enemy of "timidity" accompanied me for a long time Marlboro Lights. Finally, with the help of my teacher and encouragement from my mother, I recovered my courage and finally defeated the paper tiger. I remember starting from the first grade of elementary school, I was very timid, afraid to raise my hand to speak, just to listen quietly to my classmates; I did n��t dare to communicate with the teacher, and the teacher would scare me into a cold sweat when I saw it in class; I did n��t dare even after class Play with classmates. Although I have changed a lot as I get older, I still have the "timidity" imprint in my heart Newport Cigarettes. By the fifth grade, Teacher Fan became our new head teacher. Teacher Fan gradually discovered my weakness. One day, Mr. Fan asked me to talk and let me tell you an ancient text every Thursday. I was surprised when I heard it! The "timid" guy jumped out immediately and said to me, "You are so timid, I'm sure it won't work. After hearing this, my mother encouraged me to say," You must be OK! You should cherish this wonderful exercise opportunity given by your teacher, and believe in yourself! "With the encouragement of my mother, I made full preparations. Although I have a lot of solidity in my heart, I am still very nervous and scared. It's time to turn to Thursday, and it's time for me to speak ancient texts. For me, bravely came to the platform Seems to be a horrible punishment. I feel my legs are soft and my feet are cold, as if someone threw a caterpillar into my clothes Online Cigarettes, and my body is numb! Although it only takes a few seconds to get to the podium, I But I felt that I had been worn out by the enemy of "timidity" for a long time. I finally stood on the podium and summoned the courage to read the ancient texts with my classmates with a trembling voice, but I didn't dare to face everyone. Until later, I found out The classmates read aloud intently, and my hanging heart finally relaxed a bit, so I gave detailed explanations to each of the carefully prepared materials. When I stepped off the podium, I won The warm applause of the students. Looking at the envious admiration of the students and listening to the words encouraged by the teacher, I felt an unprecedented joy to overcome myself, and I almost jumped with excitement. This time I succeeded The experience has strengthened my courage to overcome difficulties. I have firmly held the sword of courage. I will use it to overcome thorns. I believe that all difficulties and frustrations will be frightened when I see it. Accompanying me, I will definitely grow into a confident sunny boy<br/>Related articles:<br/> Cigarettes Online
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