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After reading the book, I heard the sound of the beam, the protagonist's experience was fascinating, but he was partial, and he was unconsciously refreshing. Lao Can left a deep impression on us. A person with excellent popularity and a decent, enthusiastic, cheerful, generous, open-minded person. When he wrote to Master Yu Marlboro Gold, Lao Can bluntly expressed his views on him. : This Yuxian is really a dead person. How can the provincial government sound like that field? What a weird thing! If I have the right, this person will be killed. At that time, few people were able to say such things. From this we can see that Lao Can is not a casual person, and his indifference and fame are his characteristics Cheap Cigarettes. At the end of the article, Lao Can helped Wei and Jia to escape the danger Wholesale Cigarettes. Three thousand pieces of silver were given each, but Lao Can did not accept it at all. In desperation, the two had to prepare a play team and reserved a new year for Lao Can. Unexpectedly, Lao Can returned to Qihe County that night, showing a generation of heroes. Not only that, Lao Can's disdain for men and women. At the end of the article, he wrote a letter from Lao Can, which reads: May the lovers in the world become dependents; Dashing Lao Can left such a letter after leaving his friend, as Xu Zhimo famously said: I walked away quietly, just as I came quietly; I waved my sleeves and did not take away a cloud. Lao Can left the great rivers in the north and south, leaving his great achievements in many places. When he left, he waved his sleeves without leaving a trace. The character and ideological expression of Lao Can in the master's article are the author's realities of the current political form. In the expression of thought, Liu Xie applied his political views to literature from the perspective of Westerners and reformers. In the form of novels, he exposed the extreme decay and darkness of the officialdom of Qing Dynasty and various social morbidities. The supreme ruler has different degrees of fantasies; while he is dissatisfied with the greed of imperialism, but because he lacks the proper understanding of its aggressive nature, he embellis<br/>Related articles:<br/> Newport Cigarettes
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