You will lose followers quickly this way

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You will lose followers quickly this way
You will lose followers quickly this way. Cigarettes Online USA You should post about two or three times a day. There may be days you post more, and others less and that is okay. Just don't fill up people's Twitter feed with your posts.

Your consumers have a certain time they use Twitter. Test out different times to figure out when they are using Twitter. Good signs your audience is most available are when your posts are getting likes, comments, and RTs. You can also spy on your competitors to see when they are posting and how much engagement they receive on different types of posts published during different times of the day.

Hashtags are important because it helps people find your posts. When people are looking for information on a product or service, they will search for it using Twitter's search engine. The hashtag brings attention to the search term, which makes it visible to people. Do some research on the most used hashtags for your products and services to find out which ones you should use.
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