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Use The Stairs

2. Walking.

You can easily fit this exercise into your day by parking your car a little further from work or getting off public transport one stop early Cheap Cigarettes Outlet. Walking is one of the most basic, cheapest and an effective way of losing calories. Brisk walking for 15 minutes will help you burn 100 calories.

3. Jogging.

It is one of ways to lose belly fat that also keeps your heart rate up and giving your lungs a good work out. At an average pace you can lose 100 calories in 9 minutes of jogging.

4. Use The Stairs.

Resist the temptation of taking the lift and take the stairs. In about 11 minutes you can burn 100 calories by walking the stairs. Park on the top floor of the car-park if you drive to work or add some stairs into a regular walking route.

5. Anyone For Tennis?

Tennis serves as a great workout because it works your abs and lower back muscles. You can burn 100 calories is just 15 minutes as you're constantly in motion on the court, and it's a great way lose belly fat while having fun.

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